The Baltim company was established in 2008. Our greatest advantage is comprehensive and reliable services as well as long-standing experience. We dispose of extensive technical facilities. We have highly-qualified staff, modern production halls, expanded machinery park and warehouses. We cooperate with various industries (e.g. shipbuilding industry, machinery industry, automotive industry, etc.). Currently, Baltim is a qualified subcontractor of many shipbuilding and ship repair yards. Our Company provides services for companies operating in the surface industry.
We offer locksmith, carpenter and pipelayer services for vessels both under construction and repair. These are:

  • fire and rescue boats,
  • cargo ships (used to transport gas, container ships),
  • offshore ships (to supply oil platforms),
  • specialist and military vessels (such as warships, patrol boats, ice-breakers, dredgers, hydrographic survey ships and research vessels),
  • harbor and deep-sea tugs,
  • trawlers (draggers),
  • car passenger ferries.

The shipyards which Baltim cooperates with operate by order of ship owners from Norway, the United States, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Gibraltar, Italy, the United Kingdom, Vanuatu, Singapore and Poland.

Our services also include services related to power hydraulics:

  • design of hydraulic drive and control systems for machines
  • production, renovation and repair of machinery and devices (motors, power supplies, testing stations, etc.)
  • comprehensive supply of materials (hoses, manometers, oils, precision pipes, pumps, filters, manifolds, valves, fittings, etc )
Our long-standing experience allows us to timely and diligently deliver orders placed by our customers ensuring top quality of the services.
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Locksmith works

Carpenter and fit-out works

  • prefabrication: grating and grilles for floors, panels and handles
  • installation: doors, steps, fenders, hooks, door closers in steel walls, hatches, gangways, side doors, railings and emergency exit handles
  • equipment: warehouse shelving, cabinets, fixings,
  • production: furniture, fixed joinery, screens
  • installation: formwork, suspended ceilings, furniture, carpets and PVC
  • providing: flooring, floating floors, terracotta and milled rock tiles
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Carpenter works

Power hydraulics works

  • Design, production and installation of all kinds of furniture, fixed joinery, doors and stairs
  • comprehensive supply of materials and devices (hoses, fittings, manometers, oils, pipes, pumps, filters, manifolds, hydraulic power units, hydraulic cylinders, valves, pipe clamping rings, etc.),
  • production, repairs, renovations..
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